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Training for Staff, Security Personnel and more! 

We have several options to help ensure your security posture is at its strongest for training your staff, security personnel, and more. The biggest failures in security postures are almost always the human element. Training and education can help reduce that risk and strengthen your security posture. 

In House Training

Staff Level Security Training

In-depth training on identifying and counter security risks and issues.

Active Shooter Training

The first step is everyone knowing what to do and being on the same page.

Operational Security Training

Teaching your staff how to protect your business and themselves from cyber and real world threats. 



Our in-house training provides customized classes to meet your business's unique needs. The curriculum now includes Security Awareness Training, along with Cybersecurity Awareness, Data Protection and Privacy (both in the workplace and beyond), Situational Awareness, Emergency Response Training, Basic First Aid, and Operational Security Training, NRA Refuse to be a Victim, and more. For an exhaustive list of our courses and to discuss a training program tailored to your budget and specific business requirements, please contact us.

Online Training

Security Professional

Affordable, in depth training for security personell, to enhance your security posture.

Employee Training

Security Starts with your staff. Training them to identify, mitigate and properly report security issues.

Specialized Training

In depth specific training for security professionals by Certified instructors

All of our online training is available at

Training for all aspects

We truly believe that most security incidents can be avoided with proper training on things that matter to your business. It is important that your staff and security personnel are prepared for the threats that may occur.  

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