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Security Surveillance

Our Services

Physical Penetration Testing

We live in a digital world, but, the human aspect is what drives most breaches. Let us test your security posture at a professional level. It's not just checking doors and windows. 

OSINT Analytics and BackGround Checks

The digital realm is full of information. You can use that information to leverage purchases and hiring practices. You can even get an advantage against your competitors. Use it to help shape the future of your business. 

Security Consulting

Our extensive network of service providers specializes in a wide range of security solutions, tailored to meet diverse security needs.  Our network is thoroughly vetted to ensure we can provide you with an all-encompassing, safe sphere of security solutions. 

Comprehensive Security Assessments

Our security assessments go beyond industry standards. We want to ensure that you are prepared from every possible angle.  with extensive reports, that use common sense language to make it easier for you to strengthen your security posture.

In House Training

The most common "fail" in every security posture is the human element. Training, drills, and tests can help prevent that.  We can help train your staff and set up a program to consistently keep them on their toes.

Free Services for Some Organizations

We support our communities and other communities. With free Testing and assessments for schools, law enforcement, and first responders.  We also provide discounts to hospitals and higher education. 

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